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About Richard

The Man.  The Father.  The Memory.  The Collections.  

His name was Richard and he lived and worked in Bethlehem PA.  A passionate man who believed in being humble beyond all else.  He was a Engineer who worked with  Research Department of Bethlehem Steel his entire career.  There he found ways of growing and expanded the capabilities of the company.  Before getting married and starting a family, he built his own home, from a Sears and Roebuck kit!  Raised 3 children, put them through college and then, upon retiring, became the Regional director for the Boy Scouts of America. 

Richard also had a passion, of passions, the desire for collecting.   Upon his death, his family discovered some 300 different cameras ranging from pre-1900 to modern day, hundreds of vintage games and  treasure trove of classic magazines, all nicely preserved with many in their original boxes. Thus Richard’s collectibles was born. 

We have expanded the offering to include other persons collectibles, enabling others to sell inherited collections to benefit their families.  Email us at  for how we can help get your items sold.