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The products are previously owned & sold AS-IS

Richard’s Collectables products are previously owned and SOLD AS-IS

Upon occasion and if notified by email within 72 hours of receipt, we may issue a refund with conditions. 

  1. Please send digital pictures of the problem for our review.
  2. If we receive an order than upon looking at the product at our offices,  find it has become damaged, we will notify the purchaser prior to shipping the product, and cancel the order.
  3. Product approved for return, must be received by our office within 7 days.
  4. You must pay for the shipping to return.
  5. If a refund is approved, we shall refund the purchase of the product minus shipping and a 25% or $10 handling fee, which ever is greater.
  6. Product must be received in the condition sent – as verified by the original store pictures.

To request a refund, please login to your account and place a notice. or write to  All communications are to be done via email for documentation purposes.  Please keep your communication civil. 

We do our best to treat everyone fairly and in good faith.


The power of the internet, can also become a curse for small business as individuals attempt to steal products from small business such as ours, with false claims. Most of our customers are wonderful and we have been honored to ship product all around the United States, Canada and Australia. 

But we have also come across some undesirable communications from those with less than honorable intentions. 

In order to protect Richard’s Collectables family owners, staff and consultants from a hostel work environment, as required by law, Richard’s Collectables LLCWILL report emails, postal mail and text messages, to the state and federal authorities, in accordance to local, state and federal law as necessary.  This will include all communications  deemed hostel or threatening or treating the family, staff or consultants with disrespect.  We further reserve the right to block and refuse sales to such individuals.

In the event of such hostile email, postal mail or text events events, our professional support company, Multimedia Designs, LLC, will be referred all such communications and then will handle any further correspondence.  We do this to to protect the family, staff or consultants from undue emotional distress and screen out those customers who have a legitimate issue from a scam artist attempting to steal product. A classic technique is to buy a product and then claim it is defective via shipping. Tainting the evidence and trying to bully the seller through threatening messages, in order to keep the product and yet demand the money back.  Multimedia Designs, has the skills to recongize the difference. It is sad that this kind of defense must be practiced.

For more information on the legal guidelines of emails, postal mail or text messages, please review the laws for emails/postal mail received in the state of  California and Federal Requirements . 

We want to help any customer who has a legitimate problem.  Please send pictures, as described in the steps above, of  any product after shipping for consideration of a refund. 

Refund Policy Created:   6/01/2018
For questions, please email